If A Provider Decides To Terminate The Care Agreement

It is not necessary to give the patient a reason to resign, but to provide an opportunity to often prevent the patient from going again to ask why. If the patient`s condition requires ongoing health care, the termination letter recommends that the risks of non-continuation of treatment/care be clearly stated. For example: “Your condition requires ongoing treatment/medical care. Among the risks incurred if you do not continue your medical care, there are, among other risks, the following risks…┬áThen take stock of the potential risks. A copy of this letter must be kept in the patient`s medical file. The doctor must also check his managed care contracts, which may include specific requirements for the end of covered patients. If the doctor decides to terminate the care by letter, it must be sent with confirmation of return and post-post. If the certified letter is returned, it must be included in the medical record without being opened. Planning staff should be informed that the patient has been dismissed and instructed not to schedule it if they attempt to make other appointments. Resources for doctors and health care providers on the latest news, research and developments. Finally, it is always the attending physician who makes the decision to terminate the doctor-patient relationship, not another staff member. By getting personally involved, the doctor can ensure that all of the above concerns are properly addressed. Doctors often come into the field of medicine because they like to help people – their patients.

However, from time to time, a patient`s behavior and action may require the doctor to stop the links. Non-compliance with the treatment plan, rude and abusive behaviour, repeated absences from appointments, drug-addicted behaviour and non-payment of services are reasons why physicians end their relationships with patients. A good relationship/partnership between the doctor and the patient is essential to achieve optimal results. If, for whatever reason, it is not possible to create this partnership, it is preferable for the patient to seek treatment elsewhere. Some management care plans limit the physician`s ability to terminate the patient relationship. The physician should review the recommendations for the patient`s health plan/HMO to stop managing a patient and inform them immediately.