Joint Operating Agreement Example

Joint enterprise agreements define the parameters of the operations to be carried out, the definition of the scope of the project and the work expected by each party. This section may indicate the geographic constraints of the measures, budgetary restrictions and certain equipment or equipment to be used. For example, an agreement between an oil company and a state government can define precisely the types of drilling techniques used, while restrictions on the hours of operation and geographic boundaries of the drilling area are indicated. Agreements between two companies can also describe the final products of the partnership, such as the development of a new software tool that will be pooled by all partners. The JOA must be distinguished from mergers. In the event of mergers and acquisitions, ownership of the new entity is merged. When one company merges with another, the result is a unique property. In the case of joint enterprise agreements, the two or more companies involved remain held separately. Joint enterprise agreements provide for provisions governing specific operational partnerships between two or more organizations, be they private companies, companies or public bodies such as cities and states. Joint transactions differ from joint ventures in which two or more companies pool resources to create a third entity jointly owned by both parties.

In joint operations, two or more organizations of resources and manpower contribute to a particular project in which each entity retains its own identity and, at the end of the project, introduces its own identity and pathways. Understanding the purpose of common enterprise agreements and common sections within them can inform the functioning of these partnerships from a legal point of view. Since joint actions are often limited, it is important to set the exact date and duration of the agreement to determine when the project will begin and end. In the case of continuing activities, the parties may decide to renew or renegotiate their agreement or decide to create an indeterminate joint venture in order to pursue the joint venture indefinitely. Project miles and deadlines may be included in this section.