Partner Agreement Red Hat

As a Red Hat partner, you have access to tools that will help you develop your skills around open source so you can interact with more customers and provide solutions to meet their needs. With Skill Enablement, training, online resources, learning pathways and access to marketing, sales and engineering resources, Red Hat helps you expand your knowledge base. That`s why we`re launching a new partnership initiative called Container Platform Specialist, which comes with a new partner logo and associated benefits. This will help our partners be recognized as trusted technology leaders and consultants working with the first container platform on the market: Red Hat OpenShift. Companies are increasingly relying on open source solutions for businesses to support their business transformation initiatives. Red Hat sets the standard for open source in the company with a comprehensive portfolio and a broad partner ecosystem. In partnership with Red Hat, you work in a collaborative network that promotes standardization and helps solve customer problems faster. You can seize opportunities from new revenue streams and develop your skills to successfully meet today`s and tomorrow`s IT challenges. This program is made available to all Advanced and Premier business partners with the following accreditations: Some solution providers, ISVs, CCS and technology resellers focus their efforts on distribution. These partners can build a lasting customer relationship by offering subscription-based, consumer-based products, Red Hat consulting and integration services. No matter how you go on the market, Red Hat can help increase your success. More than 20 years ago, Red Hat had a spark of ideas — a vision to develop software differently. They thought working with an ecosystem of IT executives, open source supporters, developers and partners could create a better foundation for the future of computing – Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®.

In a world that increasingly emphasizes open technology and open culture, you collaborate with the world`s leading open source ENTERPRISE IT solutions. Therefore, if we work together, we all win. Our program partners remain more competitive and play a key role in our market strategy and success. Let`s start together with something great. Red Hat wants to help all active partners take advantage of this recent announcement and the rapid growth of the Container Platform market. If you are a new or existing partner or are considering becoming a Red Hat partner, we hope you will use everything our programs have to offer. Today`s partners wear many hats and can offer more than just a go-to-market movement. Red Hat lets you select your engagement model by focusing on your strengths and using the associated tool sets.

Bytes are an advanced Red Hat cloud business partner, which means we have access to the highest discount levels in the entire Red Hat portfolio. For those who look at their open source strategy, we can help you find the full range of solutions. We can help you check your current software discounts to ensure software optimization and the future of your cloud travel. Partners play a key role in Red Hat`s launch strategy and overall success. It was said that Red Hat would not be Red Hat without our vast ecosystem partner, which generates more than 70% of our turnover. Through open cooperation, Red Hat and its partners are able to leverage each other`s strengths. Red Hat`s leaders in open innovation, whether applied to technology, people or processes, are increasingly valued in the marketplace and offer us new opportunities. Our prey to cooperation helps us to design solutions together. Whether you build, serve or sell products and solutions, I think you`ll see that our partner programs offer you more than the tools you need to face customers` IT challenges, but also an abundance of con