Secured Obligations Loan Agreement

If you have an offer, letter of commitment, loan contract or guarantee (the “agreement”) that deal with or relate to guaranteed commitments or any of these commitments, the duration of the agreement will apply in the event of a conflict between the duration of the mortgage and the duration of the agreement. If the Client fails to meet the guaranteed obligations or fulfils them in full compliance with the agreed terms, the Bank is entitled to honour any claim against the Client under the security with a unilateral declaration to the Client, so that the Bank acquires ownership of the right to the payment account registered in the security deposit account up to the amount of the secured obligations. The provisions of this mortgage and the security of this mortgage are in addition, but not in lieu of, any other security now or later that we have taken for the secured bonds or part of it. They pay, observe, fulfill and fulfill all the obligations guaranteed when the same must be paid, respected, respected and fulfilled. Guaranteed bonds can be reduced to zero from time to time without infringing on the continuation of this mortgage as collateral for the secured bonds that were subsequently taken out.