Civil Service Loan Agreement

Credit to employers in the public sector is a favorable alternative to conventional bank credit. The basis of a successful working relationship between the worker and the employer is the good performance, trust and reliability of both parties. For tax and legal reasons, the credit agreement between the worker and the employer should be concluded in writing. The following points need to be settled: Note: in most cases, the repayment of the employers` credit is deducted from the current salary. The legal limits of seizure must be respected. Indeed, the reimbursement rate must not consume the worker`s entire salary. A credit to the employer is not at all a consideration for particular benefits or earnings. It is the granting of a “normal” loan, only by the employer and on much cheaper terms. However, the employer must respect the principle of equal treatment when granting employer loans. Employees can also use it if they are public servants. However, this occupation requires proof that there has been employment in this sector for at least five years. The conclusion of a loan for civil servants is only possible if this period is taken into account. Note: Such an approach should be the subject of consultation with the financial expert, as there are different combinations with regard to different forms of mortgage and grants.

When buying a home, this step guarantees an optimal process for consumption. A loan or secondment is ideal if you identify a development need that you probably won`t be able to earn as effectively in your own organization. Credit agreements between the employer and the employee should always be written for legal and tax reasons. For some aspects, there must be a regime: the amount of the loan, the interest rate, the duration of the loan, the monthly payment, the conditions of termination, the notice period and the possibility of special free repayment. If no interest rate is set, the loan is granted without interest. On the other hand, agreements are inadmissible in the event of termination of the employment relationship: officials and officials can improve their solvency when granting such a loan. The low interest rate and long maturities make it possible to pay low interest rates every month. The maturities of this financial product are generally 20 years or more. First of all, it is important to know which category of people is eligible for this special credit. The civil service can also be described as a civil service.

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