Sunningdale Agreement Quotes

On 4 January 1974, four weeks after the signing of the agreement, Ulster Unionist Council voted against the new Council of Ireland by 427 votes to 374. This forced Faulkner to resign as head of the UUP, even though he retained his position as chief executive. After heated debates, the Unionist representatives finally recognised the formation of an Irish Council. The negotiating parties signed the final agreement on 9 December. On 21 November, an agreement was reached on a voluntary coalition of pro-agreement parties (contrary to the provisions of the Belfast Agreement, which defines the d`Hondt method for electing ministers in proportion to the main parties in the Assembly). He quotes me as saying: “The Council of Ireland is the vehicle in which unionists will flock to a united Ireland.” Is it a constraint or what? In the 1973 speech following the Sunningdale Agreement, it was stated: “The Council of Ireland is the vehicle that will prevail to provide a united Ireland. The speed at which the vehicle moves depends on the Unionist population. » Consent or what? The agreement signed in December 1973 in Sunningdale Park, Berkshire, England, was a power-sharing agreement between the Ulster Unionist Party and the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP). It introduces the Belfast Agreement, which former SDLP Vice-President Seamus Mallon called “Sunningdale for slow learners…” .